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for real for real "solo verse and hook"
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For Real For Real

The ambition came easy the hustle was second
cause I knew I could get it had to set the objective
tell me what’s your perspective been getting mind since breakfast
that’s a quarter past six no grits just coffee and cheddar
cause I ain’t sleeping on it, in fact it keep me up at night when I be thinking on it
I be thinking I’m alright but I be tweakin homie and
I’m not saying that’s alright I’m just speaking on it
Not one for grievances playing for even stevens
I move on I’ll be gone by the evening
circle the globe twice and head back by the weekend
with something nice right out of the four seasons
got no ice but the bank account gleaming
like jerry rice I been scoring all season side bitch parisian
feeling like Jesus wait that’s facetious but its no cap I still practice what I preach

I got another one for you to feel, for real for real
Tryna find my way up to a mill or maybe a bill just keeping it trill
Give a fuck about how you feel. for real for real
Cause I been down and out and that ain’t no big deal
For real for real for real……..

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