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Folie Cortisol Music Video And Stream
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FOLIE - cortisol/ragoon – New Tracks Releases & Music Video via Dog Show Records

Upstate New York artist Folie today releases two new singles “cortisol” and “ragoon” along with a music video for “cortisol” via Dylan Brady’s Dog Show Records.

New Release From FOLIE
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“cortisol,” a rollercoaster of soothing pop melodies and breakneck electronic beats, is Folie’s love letter of sorts to her panic disorder, aptly titled after the hormone the body releases during times of stress. “ragoon” on the inverse is a twisted guitar-driven rehash of the tail end of a high school relationship, with the pair of songs showcasing the producer and songwriter’s diverse and cohesive sonic pallet.

The disorienting “cortisol” video came to life after having to scrap previous ideas due to quarantine. “I just wanted something uncomfortable and disorientating for the song about panic that feels like dying, so I got the idea to tape my phone to the ceiling fan and it kinda just spiraled from there” Folie tells PAPER Magazine.

Stream “cortisol / ragoon” HERE

Folie, real name Jae, is a producer and songwriter born and based in Upstate New York. Raised on the emo, metal and grunge her parents would bump as a kid, Folie discovered electronic and dance music artists like Skrillex and Deadmau5 at around age 11, which is when she first started making music on her computer. Folie’s appreciation for sound design in video games and sci-fi/fantasy movies lended itself to her stage name “Folie” as a nod to “foley work” — “I love dumb sounds, the sillier and more ridiculous the better,” she says.

With a steady and consistent output of singles and EPs across the internet and performances at seminal online music festivals such as 2019’s “Mine Gala” where she played b2b with friend fellow Dog Show artist Gupi, “cortisol” and “ragoon” mark Folie’s debut outing on Brady’s burgeoning label Dog Show Records.

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