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Halloween - Blood Orange Camino Sours
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Haunted in LA: Explore Halloween with Blood Orange Camino Sours!

Spooky season is right around the corner and we know the best way to celebrate…on a high note.

This Halloween, LA is your gateway to a uniquely thrilling blend of treats, chills, and magic. Grab some limited edition Camino Sours Blood Orange gummies at any Erba store to elevate your adventure. It’s a spooky season like no other, where your senses will be heightened, and your adventure unforgettable.

Blood Orang Camino Sours
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  1. California’s Halloween celebration is only complete with a trip to the iconic West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. Dress to impress and let your imagination soar as you take in the incredible costumes. It’s the perfect place to showcase your creativity and admire the artistry of fellow Californians. Don’t forget to explore the Emerald Village, where you can indulge in your favorite edibles like Camino Sours Spirited gummies.
  2. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Cinespia and enjoy classic spooky films under the starry night sky. Join this cinematic journey, and let the silver screen magic take you on an extraordinary adventure, enhanced by a touch of Halloween edibles.
  3. Haunted Little Tokyo undergoes a thrilling transformation every year, bringing a spooky atmosphere to the neighborhood with Halloween-themed pop-ups, eerie tours, and captivating performances. This season, brace yourself for the Little Tokyo Ghost Club’s free 21-plus block party, featuring DJs, a costume contest, and a full bar to elevate the spooky fun.
  4. The Nature Gardens are turning into an interactive, illuminated wonderland for all ages to enjoy. If you’re familiar with the longstanding Boney Island tradition, expect to witness skeletons performing enchanting rope tricks, levitating through hoops, and engaging in mesmerizing shadow puppetry. This year, the NHM is adding its own mystical touch with artistic performances, real fossils, live animal presentations, and ghoulishly glowing installations. As you wander the garden paths, be prepared for encounters with creepy crawlies, playful skeletons, and ancient carnivores from the Cretaceous era.
  5. And don’t miss the classic Griffith Park Hayride: Venture deep into Griffith Park for a unique and thrilling experience. This haunted hayride has been ceiling souls for 15 years, offering a blend of road culture reminiscent of Sons of Anarchy and the eerie allure of Twin Peaks. Explore a town where secrets abound, shadows dance, and mysteries await your discovery.

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