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Dopamine Cover Art - SUVI
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Stream Dopamine Now ! – New Track From DJ And Singer-Songwriter SUVI

SUVI, a multi-dimensional and charismatic singer, songwriter, and DJ from Los Angeles, CA, has dropped her latest single, “Dopamine.” This track is a transcendent fusion of Hip-Hop, South Indian rhythm, and melodies with a taste of spirituality that lures you into a state of sheer ecstasy. This sensational songwriter has a keen ability to write incredible never-ending flows effortlessly with every line. Her collaboration with Parimal Shais on “Dopamine” is pure energy.

Her rapping and writing skills are beautifully offset against the backdrop of sounds that honor her South Indian vocal melodies and scales, with rhythm and bass-driven music production that make this track otherworldly. It also highlights the extraordinary musical history of the regions where both Parimal and SUVI call home. It allows the listener to be drawn into their own world as these intentional creative South Asian artists living in different corners of the world come together on this project in the era of COVID-19.

Suvi’s thoughts about the song

I always only found strength within me and never outside of me. Dopamine is about how I got out of depression. I was self-inflicting pain and emotional conflicts because I couldn’t see hope in anything around me,” says SUVI. “The world is such a beautiful place but there was so much bad happening to so many people and most of us just dealt with it or turned a blind eye towards it. I had to save myself from going into the trenches of a Death Valley. So then why do we try to change things around us instead of changing from the person within? I hope that everyone can find their own dopamine because it is a gift that never stops giving. It is the untapped source of wealth that’s just waiting to be found.

Look within yourself to find what you are looking for! The motivation, the strength, the beliefs, the code of conduct, the passion, the purpose, the inner wisdom; it is all right there.

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