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Descartes And His Niggas Cover Art
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Descartes & His Niggas

Don’t address me by the first name if you ain’t know me back then you muhfuckas betta use the alias it got a 100 mile radius bitch you know who it is I keep trying to be modest but to be honest I really think I’m shit and therefore I am that’s just the way that it is

Hook = Bitch Hold Up x 35

7 accounts they all hitting got it out the Ford Focus bitch i ball different i aint quiet I only talk business I’d give you the whole game if I thought you’d listen Young nigga off the gas and that capitalism your favorite rapper probably fuck with my business might promo for free but if its work I’m taxing all positions boss moves I ain’t one of yo assistants and I done been in showbiz long enough burn bridges I told my cousin and others to put respect on my name and maybe they did but after that shit was never the same man
Every now and again I get these chips on my shoulder and when they get a little a taller the ones that I’m holding I can’t keep my composure man god dang


Don’t address me by my first name if you didn’t know me back then my mama say boy that ain’t what I named don’t let the city changed you maybe you been gone to long
Don’t forget who you is it ain’t never to late to come home everybody can’t make it big that’s just the way it is


New Hook

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