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Sad Alex Celebrates The crydancing EP Release With Fans In Hollywood | Official 'crydancing' Music Video Out Now

Rising singer-songwriter Sad Alex recently released crydancing, a seven track EP full of mixed emotions and catchy hooks, via Red Bull Records. To celebrate the new project, the artist hosted an intimate release event at No Vacancy in Hollywood, CA. Fans had the chance to buy exclusive merch and take part in a fun visual installation branded with the EP artwork and title track “crydancing” before settling in for the performances.

Opening acts Emi Beihold and Charlie Curtis Beard took the stage first and got the crowd moving, before Sad Alex arrived to bring it all home. Her live set was truly amazing to watch. Backed by guitarist, Luke Villagas, and Rhett Randolph on the drums, Sad Alex played through her new releases and notable hits like IBTC” and Come Over” she even dropped in a cover of T Pain’s classic track Bartender. At the end of her set, the audience begged for an encore and were delighted with an unreleased song meant just those in attendance.

Stream the official music video for crydancing below and check out the full EP on all platforms.

Directed by Justin Pagano, the video for “crydancing” expands on the single’s triumphant celebration of dancing through emotional lows. Tapping into her background as a professional dancer, the video finds Alex and friends experiencing outbursts of “crydancing” at home, in cars, and at their wait staff jobs before coming together in a pool of jubilant, albeit tear-filled dancing.

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Sad Alex crydancing live
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Sad Alex crydancing live
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Sad Alex Presents crydancing
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Sad Alex
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About Sad Alex
Where Alex Saad ends and sad alex begins is of little consequence. Wry, witty, emotional, awkward, sad, and bold, her songs cover all the emotional bases. Her lyrics are smart, genuine, and tangible. It really does feel like she wrote each song just for you, and maybe she did. As the world’s “happiest sad girl,” she knows a thing or two about heartbreak. Perhaps it’s her self-admitted tendency to chronically overshare, but lucky for her listeners, that’s what makes her songs so gripping.

Alex is preternaturally talented, but she’s still Alex, a normal girl who had to bartend to pay her bills, finds herself in not-so-great relationships with people who aren’t always deserving of her time and living with the same highs and lows as many young single adults her age. She embraces all of her emotions, the happy and the sad, and it’s that familiarity that her fans have become attached to. These experiences are key to her aforementioned oversharing nature, which has bled into the content supporting the music – whether it’s a (hilarious) digital dating show to help find her romantic partner, performing her songs while getting tattooed, or even posting a billboard in Los Angeles which stated, “fuck you and your girlfriend too” and then putting it in a music video.

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