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Can't Be Like Me - Promised Land Single - EP Cover

Can’t Be Like Me – Lead Single From Apiwe Bubu’s Promised Land EP

Apiwe Bubu · Can'tBeLikeMe -(Promised Land EP) Can't Be Like Me - From The Upcoming Promised Land EP Out July 15th via Soundcloud, Spotify and other platforms. Apiwe Bubu's new five-song EP Promised Land, mixes hip hop, trap, and Afrowave with South African sounds and vocal styles. These infectious tracks, including lead single "Can't Be Like Me," transport listeners out of the mundane with addictive melodies and relentless rhythms that establish an entirely new global African sound.

LACMA Archive Two Centuries Of Black American Art 1976

LACMA @ Home – Two Centuries Of Black American Art Archival Film & More

The featured piece from this week's LACMA @ Home series is an archival film from 1976 titled Two Centuries Of Black American Art. The 30 minute documentary, curated by David C. Driskell, showcases several esteemed black artists beginning with Joshua Johnston, the earliest accomplished black artist documented in the U.S. The production and original release of the film was inspired by America's bicentennial year and growing pressure from the community to increase black representation. Check out the film below.  

Paul Woolford & Diplo Link for New Single "Looking For Me" Featuring Kareen Lomax

Looking For Me – New Single From Paul Woolford & Diplo Featuring Kareen Lomax

After teasing the track earlier this year via Instagram Paul Woodford & Diplo team up on the newly released single "Looking For Me". Check out the tripped-out music video above!

You Are Person Trailer Still

You Are My Person – Short Film By Dan Dobi

You Are My Person depicts the moment when a couple having an affair with one another decides to pursue their relationship to the next level and breaking up with their partners poses to be harder than expected. Dan Dobi on why the film: Why did I make this film? I was tired of waiting, tired of making content for brands, artists, products. Tired of waiting to get “noticed” that I should be making films full time… I finally stopped taking gigs, wrote this short, sent it to my Producer Bradley Rettele and said “Please trust me — We need to…

LACMA @ Home Social Justice Campaign

LACMA @ Home – Provides Resources On The Topic Of Social Justice

What is the relationship between art and social justice? How have American artists over the last 100 years used their work to speak out against injustices, advocate for change, and honor the lived experiences of marginalized communities? This course uses artworks in LACMA’s collection to encourage critical thinking about historical and contemporary social justice issues, and build confidence in integrating art into interdisciplinary lesson plans that inspire real-world connections and elevate student agency. Check out this course on Art & Social Justice

Oh Yeah That Banger From Marq

Oh Yeah – New Track

I just had to come up say what’s your name? A couple of times I saw you looking my way and baby that’s okay cause you a pretty little thang oh yeah oh yeah I won’t Take to much time just a little exchange  and I’ll be on my way oh yeah oh yeah Skinny and awkward but i still got the drip no dirt on my shoulder just a bunch of chips don’t brush em off we hold them call it composure or call it motive that mojo is mighty potent you clowns you like mojo Jojo all fiction…

YELLOWGELATO Streaming On All Platforms

YELLOWGELATO Now Streaming On All Platforms!

YACHT Never Lonely Alone

YACHT “Never Lonely Alone” Music Video – Out Now On BandCamp

Never Lonely Alone – Video by Claire & Jona Our city feels weird and empty, and we miss it so much. We’ve been driving around just to look at it (boarded-up stores, masked security guards, empty freeways, and bare streets). This video was made using our Macintosh Classic II—we think of it as a video painting made with vintage software and architecture, which are both (right now, at least) obsolete technologies. RIP John Baldessari, while we’re honoring lost versions of Los Angeles. Support YACHT Directly & Purchase This Song HERE   More Music In The Arts & Entertainment Here

Bet You Can't Do It Like Me (Vibe)

Bet You Can’t – Track

Bet you can’t do it like me bet (echo) Stacking bitcoin and fiat money like block money but this game a little different how I play it pimping used to dream about yacht money like jay z in big pimping now I’m in it for more I need more Got the gas to the floor bumping still tipping I might slide through Houston just been cruising like it’s me and the music damn And we both too turnt up my ears still ringing chain blinging gotta keep that on me so they know I got a little freedom See it’s…

Digital Mirage 2 Lineup Featuring Artists

Digital Mirage 2 Lineup Revealed – 50 Top Artists Streaming Exclusive Sets

The lineup will feature over 50 of the world's best artists, playing very rare and unique sets. Receive direct access to Digital Mirage 2 by RSVPing through the link. DIGITAL MIRAGE EVENT DETAILS: Streaming at 12pm PT / 3pm ET on YouTube and Playstation (via Littlstar).  A direct link to the stream will be sent to everyone with an RSVP confirmation. RSVP HERE Digital Mirage has partnered with Plus1 to provide 100% of proceeds to the organization's COVID-19 Relief Fund and performing artists. Merch for Digital Mirage 2 is now available at and proceeds from the sales will benefit…

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