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G.E.M.M.A. NFT Collection - 1

G.E.M.M.A. – Tristan Eaton’s New Generative NFT Collection

Pulp Idols - Sya Warfield

Pulp Idols – Artist Sya Warfield Debuts Solo Exhibition

Pulp Idols is a series of nine new mixed media works on wood produced by Sya Warfield over the past year. In this turbulent time, Warfield has chosen to create portraits of key figures who have effected change within our societies and cultural lives.  Each work utilizes a photographic pulp transfer process combined with water-based pigment inks, acrylic inks, crackle paste medium, metal leaf, vintage newsprint and spray paint. Influenced by the Japanese notion of Wabi Sabi, deliberate imperfection, the faces are surrounded by an aura of vibrancy and layered texture. Overall, the series invites viewers to reflect on the…

DesignerCon Main Stage Flyer

DesignerCon Returns To Anaheim For Live Convention Nov. 12th – 14th

DesignerCon, the largest toy and collectible event in the US, is back, bringing exclusive drops and more to fans live and in-person, following a year of virtual programming! As the first event to return to the Anaheim Convention Center after over a year of halted conventions, DesignerCon 2021 is already generating quite the buzz, but, ever thinking of their loyal attendees, they have gone above and beyond to ensure this year’s event is a well-received homecoming. As expected, this year will be full of exclusive releases including those from Pop Mart, DKE Toys, MONDO, MightyJaxx, and so many more! 3DRetro…

Chris Gabo - Press Image

Chris Gabo On The “Price Of Anarchy” And The Growth In His New Music

New artist Chris Gabo recently released the single off his new project called "Price Of Anarchy." The track is described as an anthem for the misunderstood, “One of Those” is a song for the kid who gets bullied for no reason; it’s a track for the unintentional villain - the one that people choose to make fun of in order to take attention off of themselves. Watch the music video and check out our full interview with Chris below!

Goldie Luxx Press Photo

Artist Goldie Luxx Discusses Her Creative Process And Musical Journey

Goldie Luxx is a new alternative R&B artist ready to leave her mark on the music scene in Los Angeles. Her debut single "DRM" released last week on all platforms; the track and music video depict a classic story of entanglement and love gone unreciprocated. With another release on the horizon featuring Big Jade and more tracks in the works, Luxx has no plans to slow down any time soon. Take a look at out full Q&A below!

27 Album Cover Art

27 – New Album Released By Marq Robinson On All Platforms

Los Angeles rapper Marq Robinson has finally released his album, 27, after much hype and online memeing. The project came to life earlier this year as the artist began rolling out semi-final track leaks starting with "Toxic Somethings." This album follows up on the 26 (in real time) EP released last year. Although it has a similar creative rollout as its predecessor with each song being produced, written, and released sequentially, 27 sounds and feels far more cohesive and mature.  

Goldie Luxx - DRM

Goldie Luxx Promotes Self-Discovery With Debut Single ‘DRM’

Independent alternative singer Goldie Luxx releases new single and music video "DRM" detailing a common young love story. Goldie creates a super alternative R&B vibe through her strategic unwebbing of a toxic attachment between two lovebirds. Her softly modulated vocals take fans on a journey of self-discovery through the lens of a young woman permanently enamored, yet a bit absent-minded. Drawing influences from Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake, Goldie is poised to quietly take the industry by storm. Directed by Embryo in the hills of Los Angeles, the DRM visual reveals Goldie’s classy, yet sexy serious nature.…

Sapra - She Is The Best

“She Is The Best” – Sapra Pays Tribute To Women In New Single

Words matter and a simple greeting to music artist Sapra was the inspiration for his newest track, “She Is The Best.” With a beat and tempo that makes people want to dance, it’s a tribute to women and a celebration of the power that positivity can create in a person’s life. Watch the video below!

Rony Seikaly House DJ & Producer

Rony Seikaly Previews Upcoming Album Moonwalk At Sound Nightclub

This past weekend (October 16th) Rony Seikaly dropped in at Sound Nightclub to preview his upcoming release titled Moonwalk. Rony is an NBA player turned house DJ producer. After playing in the NBA for 11 seasons (1989-2000), he set his sights on mastering his true passion: house music and has played countless gigs across the world over the past decade; including the Ibiza circuit every summer.

Tosca Rivola - Performance Artist

Meet Tosca Rivola The Femme Fatale Transforming LA’s Cabaret Scene

Tosca Rivola is an LA based performance artist reshaping the entertainment and cabaret scene through her live burlesque shows. While recent her claim to fame surrounds the ode to writer/director Quentin Tarentino known as TARANTINA, her latest project DESPERADA takes a more narrative-driven approach to burlesque entertainment. The projects are produced via her production company, Fatale Factory, which consists of long-time friends and collaborators. Rather than staying in the backdrops of events and mansion parties her shows bring the cabaret performance art to the forefront, seeking to make it a mainstay in the LA entertainment scene. More about Tosca Rivola…

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