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Pabst Blue Ribbon - Coast To Coast - Monster Children
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Pabst Blue Ribbon and Monster Children Team Up on ‘ Coast to Coast ’ Digital Art Gallery

As the pandemic took hold of the world, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Monster Children joined forces to create ‘Blue Ribbon Studios’, turning their collaborative 1700 Naud gallery into an operation dedicated to commissioning and empowering out-of-work artists. Today, they further their mission by launching the ‘Coast to Coast’ project, with 100% of proceeds benefiting ‘Inner City Arts’.

Coast to Coast sees over 50 artists decorating 4-inch wood coasters with original artwork. The art is on sale via an online auction that runs through December 7th and is available worldwide. Ranging from art sensations like Porous Walker and Erika Leesears to lesser known artists who’ve made splashes in their local scenes.

All artists were given the same 4-inch coaster canvas to design whatever they wanted. Bidding starts at $25.

Inner-City Arts
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Based in the heart of Skid Row, Inner-City Arts is a non-profit organization that engages young artists in their creative processes and teaches art education on their campus. Their mission is to engage the youth and give them access to the arts in order to shape a society of creative, confident and collaborative individuals.

The initiative is part of Blue Ribbon Studios’ 1000 creators program, which is committed to celebrating creativity by working with 1000 creatives that reflect the diversity of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s community. So far, the brand has invited bartenders to share their creations on their Instagram, hosted three art collectives at Blue Ribbon Studios, had artists host monthly Q+As via Instagram live, painted murals in Los Angeles, and commissioned dozens of independent artists for their ‘Grabst a Pabst’ advertising campaign.

Blue Ribbon Studios and the 1000 creators program speaks to Pabst Blue Ribbon’s long history of supporting artists. For years, Pabst Blue Ribbon has featured emerging artists by showcasing their designs on millions of cans and packaging. In addition, the brand has awarded tens of thousands of dollars in grants to artists to help further their careers. Pabst Blue Ribbon is currently accepting submissions for their 2020 Art Can Contest.

Monster Children magazine launched in Sydney Australia in 2003 and Los Angeles in 2010, and has since grown to include online publishing platforms, a creative agency, and a film production business with clients and partners including adidas, Levi’s, Converse, Vans, Fender, and GoPro.

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