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Sara True Art - Sara Rosenthal Multimedia Artist

Interview With Artist Sara True – The Evolution of Form and Practice

Sara True is an artist from California that has created an extensive body of work using paint, mixed media, writing, and performance. While honing her craft over the years, the multimedia artist has trained and exhibited internationally in both solo and collaborative formats. This recent collection includes a series of new paintings "inspired by the process of metamorphosis that occur among natural forms". See the full interview below!

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Can't Be Like Me - Promised Land Single - EP Cover

Can’t Be Like Me – Lead Single From Apiwe Bubu’s Promised Land EP

Apiwe Bubu · Can'tBeLikeMe -(Promised Land EP) Can't Be Like Me - From The Upcoming Promised Land EP Out July 15th via Soundcloud, Spotify and other platforms. Apiwe Bubu's new five-song EP Promised Land, mixes hip hop, trap, and Afrowave with South African sounds and vocal styles. These infectious tracks, including lead single "Can't Be Like Me," transport listeners out of the mundane with addictive melodies and relentless rhythms that establish an entirely new global…

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5 High Tech Pet Gadgets To Pass Time During The Pandemic

5 High Tech Pet Gadgets to Pass Time During the Pandemic

While many of us are subject to the severe effects that have resulted from the coronavirus lockdown, including economic concerns and access to resources, there is another aspect that we can all relate to: widespread boredom. For those of us in LA who are used to hitting the town, socializing in clubs, visiting LA’s famous eateries, and chatting at the weekly Saturday morning farmer’s markets, the sudden isolation can lead to some serious cabin fever. …

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Set Stories Potcast - Comedy Series

Set Stories Potcast – A Comedy Series Based On Real Industry Tales

Set Stories · The Incredible Sabrina Set Stories Set Stories Potcast – A Podcast and Comedy Series Produced By Charles Cartwright In each episode of the podcast, the host chats with film industry professionals as they recount some of their best worst experiences on set. The stories described by the guest range from wacky and strange to downright hilarious. Once the podcast is recorded the tales are then reworked into a comedic reenactment of the…

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You Are Person Trailer Still

You Are My Person – Short Film By Dan Dobi

You Are My Person depicts the moment when a couple having an affair with one another decides to pursue their relationship to the next level and breaking up with their partners poses to be harder than expected. Dan Dobi on why the film: Why did I make this film? I was tired of waiting, tired of making content for brands, artists, products. Tired of waiting to get “noticed” that I should be making films full…

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A Love Letter To LA In The Time Of Covid-19

A Love Letter To LA In The Time of Covid-19 – Short Film By Adam Markle

This quick hitting silent documentary from Adam Markle showcases the streets of LA and city landmarks during the Coronavirus pandemic. Beaches, highways, and such that are usually buzzing with life and movement are seen vacant and desolate in the film and the somber music provided by Crush Effect drives this feeling home. Check out the clip above!

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Bompton Had A Dream -MOORVISION

Bompton Had A Dream – Out Now On MOORVISION Streaming

21-year-old filmmakers, Ali-Han Ibragimov & Rashan Allen, fully financed, produced, and released Bompton Had A Dream, their debut feature film. It follows two young men dealing with the realities of their environment and make something of themselves. The project is being distributed independently through the duos streaming service called MOORVISION. With this network, the two filmmakers hope to build a platform that for distributing and funding projects for others. Learn more about the service here.…

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