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Gavin Turek Performs At Skirball Stages

Skirball Stages – A Virtual Concert From Gavin Turek & Ak Dan Gwang Chil

RSVP HERE The Skirball Cultural Center recently announced Skirball Stages, a celebratory concert series to be streamed live on the center's youtube channel. The upcoming free showcase will debut on August 29th at 8:00pm featuring  Los Angeles native, Gavin Turek, and Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) of Seoul, South Korea. Turek's performance will take place at the cultural center and ADG7 will be filmed in a special stage made for the event in South Korea.…

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Can't Be Like Me - Promised Land Single - EP Cover

Can’t Be Like Me – Lead Single From Apiwe Bubu’s Promised Land EP

Apiwe Bubu · Can'tBeLikeMe -(Promised Land EP) Can't Be Like Me - From The Upcoming Promised Land EP Out July 15th via Soundcloud, Spotify and other platforms. Apiwe Bubu's new five-song EP Promised Land, mixes hip hop, trap, and Afrowave with South African sounds and vocal styles. These infectious tracks, including lead single "Can't Be Like Me," transport listeners out of the mundane with addictive melodies and relentless rhythms that establish an entirely new global…

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Oh Yeah That Banger From Marq

Oh Yeah – New Track

I just had to come up say what’s your name? A couple of times I saw you looking my way and baby that’s okay cause you a pretty little thang oh yeah oh yeah I won’t Take to much time just a little exchange  and I’ll be on my way oh yeah oh yeah Skinny and awkward but i still got the drip no dirt on my shoulder just a bunch of chips don’t brush…

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