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3ritain Endlessly -

3ritain New Track Endlessly Elevates And Transcends

3ritain, a cosmic, unearthly singer and gifted songwriter, released his latest single titled “Endlessly” on October 23rd, 2020. His latest single delivers an original sound essential for anyone looking for cathartic music that reflects on overcoming anguish, the predicaments of modern love, and ultimately delivers a single that tells a story of prevailing against all odds. “Endlessly” is a auditory meditation on the intricacies of love, romance, heartbreak, with deeper reflections on the state of…

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LA Made Me Insecure - Marq Robinson

LA Made Me Insecure – Marq Robinson Cuts Deep With New Track

They say money ain’t everything to be honest I’m not sure but I know you can flip the watch the cars the clothes and the crib and still be insecure Hold up let me get the swagger back before i take it there just to make it clear it ain’t all about money and gear but you know it helps and that said I’m still fly all year and creating wealth last week I bought…

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Skirball Stages Virtual Concert Dusbowl Revival

Skirball Stages Virtual Concert: Dustbowl Revival and Mames Babegenush

DUSTBOWL REVIVAL AND MAMES BABEGENUSH Premiering Saturday, October 24, 8:00 pm (PT) LA darlings Dustbowl Revival return to the Skirball with special guest Lashon Halley for a spirited and celebratory performance. Following the release of their ambitious 2020 album, Is It You, Is It Me, the funky folk band delights with big, orchestral arrangements and goosebump-inducing harmonies. Across the Atlantic, Mames Babegenush takes us on a tour of the Port of Copenhagen before setting up…

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Heart On My Sleeve

STREAM Heart On My Sleeve New Single By Marq Robinson Out Now!

I wear my heart on my sleeve and keep some money in my pocket. Reminiscing on moments I want to remember clearer smoke haze old age and change can do a lot to a mirror I should take more pictures I’m at the age where them lessons start hit a little different can’t keep doing the same ole shit so every year we do it a little bigger just a little bigger One time  for…

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Dopamine Cover Art - SUVI

Stream Dopamine – Newly Released Single From SUVI & Parimal Shais

SUVI, a multi-dimensional and charismatic singer, songwriter, and DJ from Los Angeles, CA, has dropped her latest single, “Dopamine.” This track is a transcendent fusion of Hip-Hop, South Indian rhythm, and melodies with a taste of spirituality that lures you into a state of sheer ecstasy. This sensational songwriter has a keen ability to write incredible never-ending flows effortlessly with every line. Her collaboration with Parimal Shais on “Dopamine” is pure energy. Her rapping and…

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Alibi Marq Robinson

Alibi – Marq Robinson New Single Out Now!

Been a month since I hit your line with a bullshit alibi I’m on side ya town I hope ya fine and I can’t come see you without bringing everything And if I say to much don’t reply Couple months went by I been standing by on the reply last time we linked up it was cold shoulders and peace signs couldn’t find the magic even though we looked like three times it’s just something…

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