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YACHT Never Lonely Alone

YACHT “Never Lonely Alone” Music Video – Out Now On BandCamp

Never Lonely Alone – Video by Claire & Jona Our city feels weird and empty, and we miss it so much. We’ve been driving around just to look at it (boarded-up stores, masked security guards, empty freeways, and bare streets). This video was made using our Macintosh Classic II—we think of it as a video painting made with vintage software and architecture, which are both (right now, at least) obsolete technologies. RIP John Baldessari, while…

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Touch Music Video Still

“Touch” Music Video From Dillon Francis & BabyJake

Dillon Francis and BabyJake’s hot streak continues with the ‘Risky Business’ meets ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ music video for their latest collaboration “Touch” Waking up for yet another day home alone, the “Touch” video cuts between Dillon and BabyJake as morning routines, daily chores and more erupt into untethered solo dance parties and a longing bromance as undeniable as the pair’s musical chemistry.

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Alice Longyu Gao - Remixes EP

Rich Bitch Juice Remixes – Out Now via Dog Show Records

Following her debut outing on Dog Show Records with the Dylan Brady-produced sister singles “Rich Bitch Juice” and “Dumb Bitch Juice,” lauded New York via China and Harajuku avant-pop multi-hyphenate Alice Longyu Gao today releases 6 new and unique “Rich Bitch Juice” remixes, out now and streaming everywhere HERE via Dog Show Records.

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Unavailable Joey LaBeija Music Video – Enemies Of Progress EP Out April 28th

Unavailable – Joey LaBeija Music Video – Enemies of Progress EP Out April 28th

Bronx native DJ, producer and songwriter Joey LaBeija recently announced his forthcoming enemies of progress EP along with lead single and music video “unavailable”. LaBeija, made his name as a DJ and producer in the underground nightlife scene in New York City. Critics regard him as a machinist of genre-spanning club edits and experimental original sounds. The lead track unavailable offers up gritty vocals over an electropop infused club beat. On the upcoming enemies of progress, the…

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