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The Best Shoe Stores In LA - Sneaker Stores In Los Angeles

The 20 Best Shoe Stores In LA For Deadstock Sneakers

Los Angeles is a great place to be for limited release drops and pop-up events with exclusive resell opportunities. If you're looking to get your hands on a pair of deadstock shoes these shoe stores in LA are the ones to check out first. You'll find that larger retailers like Shoe Palace will get limited supply for in store and online sales but often sell out pretty quick. Shoes then make their way to resell…

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5 High Tech Pet Gadgets To Pass Time During The Pandemic

5 High Tech Pet Gadgets to Pass Time During the Pandemic

While many of us are subject to the severe effects that have resulted from the coronavirus lockdown, including economic concerns and access to resources, there is another aspect that we can all relate to: widespread boredom. For those of us in LA who are used to hitting the town, socializing in clubs, visiting LA’s famous eateries, and chatting at the weekly Saturday morning farmer’s markets, the sudden isolation can lead to some serious cabin fever. …

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