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I've Been Walking Book Cover - Janet Sternburg

I’ve Been Walking – Janet Sternburg’s Ode To 2020 LA Out Oct. 21st

I’ve Been Walking, the new monograph from writer and photographer Janet Sternburg, captures the soul of Los Angeles as it slowed to a stop. When the streets emptied in Spring 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sternburg donned a mask and gloves and ventured out to explore the streets of Los Angeles, taking photographs to capture her journey through the altered landscape. “For a while I walked through Los Angeles’ empty streets, seeing mostly what…

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Burna Boy Space Drift From - Burna Boy Voice

Burna Boy Shuts Down Hollywood Bowl For Historic Performance

Last night the Grammy Award winning rapper and singer, Burna Boy, reached another milestone in his already impressive career with an amazing performance at the world renowned Hollywood Bowl. While he is no stranger to taking the stage or performing across the US, this stop held a much larger significance for him and for the culture. The event, put on by Duke Concept, made history not just as Burna’s first show in the iconic space,…

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Desparada Flyer

DESPERADA Brings Live Entertainment Back to Hollywood

The last year has left many acutely aware of their surroundings, spending more time at home than ever before. With the recent isolation in our not-so-distant past, people are turning more and more to entertainment as an escape. But you can’t escape DESPERADA, a brand new live show that rattles you from your daydream. Fatale Factory brings Angelenos the full cabaret experience - step into the ring of fire! DESPERADA is a narrative-driven female-centric show…

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ThisIsGnosis Press Image 1

ThisIsGnosis Shatters Barriers Through Pulsating, Revelatory New Works

In his latest testament to sound, (G)nosis® debuts his new persona, ThisIsGnosis. The first album of his trilogy, “The Sleepwalker EP” boasts a list of songs including “Gladiator,” “Reality,” and “Reflection.” His second album, an underground classic “The Midnight Drifter” represents the resurrection of the new spiritual self and dimension that shows the varied, multi-faceted nature of the lead, (G)nosis®. The third album, “The Daydreamer”, carries a wealth of songs that are outspoken, hopeful, and…

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Curt Barlage - So Long Cecilia

Curt Barlage Releases So Long Cecilia Music Video

On his first, official solo endeavor, Los Angeles, California native Curt Barlage, has taken a departure from any specified genre that may be pin pointed in his previous musical collaborations (The Bixby Knolls, Strange Phases, Red Hearts White Ribbons, Murci) and has essentially put the influences in an all-encompassing, aural blender with his debut single ‘So Long Cecilia’. This song is a melodic mish mosh that confidently displays the passion Curt holds for a wide…

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Bleu Six Tape

“SiX TAPE” – Award-Winning Artist Bleu Releases Exuberant Album

Award-winning songwriter, producer and celebrated indie maverick Bleu has officially announced the release of his sixth solo record aptly titled “SiX TAPE”. Exclusively available on Bandcamp with five bonus tracks for his die-hard fans, this album undeniably proves his deftness at melding high concept lyrics with cross-genre pop productions. The project released on all streaming platforms on 9/16 showing off a more vulnerable side to Bleu. In “SiX TAPE”, he opens up about fatherhood, religion,…

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Chloe George - Fader Label

Chloe George And Shallou Sign To FADER Label

FADER Label is showing no signs of slowing down in 2021, and today, the artist-first label is announcing two new artist signings: Chloe George and shallou. The newcomers join Clairo, Slayyyter, binki, Lewis Del Mar, Matt and Kim and many others, adding to the expansive and eclectic label line-up. FADER label is proud to have these two, dynamic new artists on the roster.   –Carson Oberg General Manager of FADER Label Chloe George is one…

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Robert Vargas Day - Photo Of Robert Vargas

City of Los Angeles Declare Sept. 8th Robert Vargas Day

Robert Vargas is a contemporary artist known for his mixed-media portraits, murals, and live events and is a leading creative force in the revitalization of Downtown LA’s art scene. Vargas will officially receive a proclamation from Los Angeles City Hall commemorating Robert Vargas Day which will be celebrated every year on September 8th in the City of Los Angeles. Vargas hopes that every September 8th people do something to help young creatives fulfill their dreams…

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Mystic Universe - Moscow Exhibition - Wisdome LA

Wisdome LA Reopens With Immersive Art & Meditation Exhibition

Wisdome LA, the 24,000 sq. ft. art entertainment park located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, has announced its reopening and new exhibition, Mystic Universe. Opening to the public Friday, September 17th, the immersive art and meditation experience will take visitors on a journey through consciousness that is beyond the imagination and the boundaries of space and time. Through art and modern technology guests will explore new dimensions, receive the knowledge of ancient civilizations,…

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