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LACMA Archive Two Centuries Of Black American Art 1976

LACMA @ Home – Two Centuries Of Black American Art Archival Film & More

The featured piece from this week's LACMA @ Home series is an archival film from 1976 titled Two Centuries Of Black American Art. The 30 minute documentary, curated by David C. Driskell, showcases several esteemed black artists beginning with Joshua Johnston, the earliest accomplished black artist documented in the U.S. The production and original release of the film was inspired by America's bicentennial year and growing pressure from the community to increase black representation. Check…

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The Warehouse Podcast

The Warehouse Podcast – New Podcast From Warehouse Films

Set Stories · The Incredible Sabrina Set Stories The Warehouse Podcast is a new show that features pop culture critiques, film reviews, and commentary from the host Patrick Escobar, an industry professional and self-proclaimed film geek.  In each episode, Patrick discusses the highlights and historical context of films that have impacted his life. In a recent episode titled If You Don't Like My Story Write Your Own he explores the current push pull relationship fans…

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5 High Tech Pet Gadgets To Pass Time During The Pandemic

5 High Tech Pet Gadgets to Pass Time During the Pandemic

While many of us are subject to the severe effects that have resulted from the coronavirus lockdown, including economic concerns and access to resources, there is another aspect that we can all relate to: widespread boredom. For those of us in LA who are used to hitting the town, socializing in clubs, visiting LA’s famous eateries, and chatting at the weekly Saturday morning farmer’s markets, the sudden isolation can lead to some serious cabin fever. …

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Set Stories Potcast - Comedy Series

Set Stories Potcast – A Comedy Series Based On Real Industry Tales

Set Stories · The Incredible Sabrina Set Stories Set Stories Potcast – A Podcast and Comedy Series Produced By Charles Cartwright In each episode of the podcast, the host chats with film industry professionals as they recount some of their best worst experiences on set. The stories described by the guest range from wacky and strange to downright hilarious. Once the podcast is recorded the tales are then reworked into a comedic reenactment of the…

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LACMA @ Home Social Justice Campaign

LACMA @ Home – Provides Resources On The Topic Of Social Justice

What is the relationship between art and social justice? How have American artists over the last 100 years used their work to speak out against injustices, advocate for change, and honor the lived experiences of marginalized communities? This course uses artworks in LACMA’s collection to encourage critical thinking about historical and contemporary social justice issues, and build confidence in integrating art into interdisciplinary lesson plans that inspire real-world connections and elevate student agency. Check out…

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LA Ranks As One The Most Dog Friendly Cities In The US

LA Ranked As One The Top Dog Friendly Cities In The US

Did you know Los Angeles is one of the best cities for dog owners? Barkly Pets, a digital marketplace with the country's fastest growing network of independent dog walkers, recently undertook a large research project to rank the top dog friendly cities across the country. By using thousands of internal data points from their network of dog walkers and third party publicly accessible sources, their research found that Los Angeles is one of the top…

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#MuseumMomentofZen - Experience #TheBroadFromHome

Experience #TheBroadFromHome with #MuseumMomentofZen & More

Experience an immersive environment of light and sound in the spirit of Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room—The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away. Take an opportunity to delve into the spiritual aspects of Kusama's exploration of eternity—paired with aural selections chosen curated by The Broad, including drone, electronic, ambient, and pop music. Featuring deep cuts by celebrated musicians and sound artists from Los Angeles and beyond, the Infinite Drone series presents a new, contemplative…

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