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What A Bummer TRACK

What A Bummer (Track)

I keep it low key you would never see it coming I been hustling all winter getting ready the summer What a bummer I been stacking my cheese all blue face hundred you and me is like apples and oranges what a bummer A lot of people on downers only some of them take drugs the rest are pessimistic don’t fuck up my vibe and mistake it for realistics I let the numbers talk we…

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Orangutan Feat Oscar


Baby girl what’s your name want to crank that thang like orangutan put ya hands in the air and shake that thang we gonna crank that thanks like orangutans let loose tonight and go insane going to crank that thang like orangutan and I came in this bitch like orangutan I’mma do my thang like orangutan swinging chain like a orangutan I’m drinking tang like orangutan getting brain like orangutan killing these lames like orangutan…

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Slipping OR Tripping V2

Slipping OR Tripping (I don’t like either)

Fuck fame I got a business the only reason I put it on wax was to say that I did it and drop it on Instagram just to prove that I meant it these bars worth 7 figures imma need that whole billion you tripping don’t hit my line with long division of time if don’t add up that shit ain’t none of my business I multiply the results every time no subtractions or percentages…

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