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Capsule The Nation’s Largest Independent Digital Pharmacy Comes To California For The First Time Ensuring Uninterrupted Access To Critical Medications As The COVID-19 Pandemic Persists

Capsule, the largest independent digital pharmacy in the nation, announced today that it is launching in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Capsule provides an end-to-end technology platform that lets customers seamlessly manage their medications on an ongoing basis, chat with a live pharmacist in real time, see the cost of their medications before check out, and schedule free same-day delivery right to their doorsteps — all from the convenience of their phone.

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, telehealth solutions — and specifically, digital pharmacy platforms — remain essential for keeping residents of Southern California safe and healthy, particularly as the region grapples with the issue of pharmacy deserts, which have continued to exacerbate COVID-19 health inequities. With this latest expansion, Capsule will serve an estimated 13.2 million residents across Los Angeles County and Orange County from the company’s pharmacy in West Hollywood.

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Eric Kinariwala, Founder and CEO

When the pandemic began, medication delivery went from something that was convenient to something that was essential … Since then, Capsule has been at the forefront of partnering with local communities, governments, physicians, and health systems to ensure everyone has uninterrupted access to the medications they need. We look forward to serving residents of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and are committed to providing them with a digital healthcare experience that is transparent, seamless, and most importantly, safe.

Capsule Digital Pharmacy In LA
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By solving the familiar frustrations of conventional pharmacies — eliminating wait times, building predictive inventory tools to ensure medications are in stock when you need them, putting price transparency at the core of the customer experience, creating a modern way to interact with your pharmacist, and offering smart refills so you never miss a dose of your medication — Capsule has built a loyal following of tens of thousands of customers and earned thousands of glowing App Store reviews.

With one out of two prescriptions in the U.S. going unfilled, Capsule has increased the rate at which people fill medications by 50 percent.

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