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Valentine's Day Donut Box Sets
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California Donuts Offers Special Valentine's Day Donut Box Sets With Limited Edition Treats

If you’re looking to spread a little the love (and sweetness) this Valentine’s Day head over to California Donuts. Starting now through February 14th, the donut shop has a special lineup of Valentine’s Day Donut Box Sets available for pre-order.

Ring Pop California Donuts Valentine's Day Donut
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The exclusive box sets are a part of a Valentine’s Day partnership with Ring Pop and other local bakeries. The selections at California Donuts come in half-dozen and full-dozen arrangements that feature fun toppings like sprinkles, glaze, crumb and of course a signature heart-shaped Ring Pop!

Box sets will be available for pick up February 12th – February 14th. The shop recommends placing orders at least one week in advance for guarantee.

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Pre-order Here

California Donuts
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The partnership also includes a specialty treat available for pre-order at Jenna Rae Cakes. This bakery local to Manitoba, Winnipeg will offer an exclusive cupcake topped with a Ring Pop as well.

Valentine’s Day arrangements will be available now through February 14th

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Pre-order Here

Jenna Rae Cakes Ring Pop Cupcake
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