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Birth Of The Endless Summer
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Birth Of The Endless Summer: Discovery Of Cape St. Francis Premiered At The 3rd Annual Coast Film Festival | The Festival Continues All Weekend With More Great Films

The 3rd Annual Coast Film Festival (CFF) kicked off Wednesday November 11th with a special premiere of Birth Of The Endless Summer: Discovery Of Cape St. Francis at the Hobie Surf Shop in Laguna Beach, CA. The documentary, directed by Richard Yellen, features testimony and archival footage of surf pioneers like Hobie, Dick Metz, and John Whitmore. For most of the film, Dick Metz drives the story recounting his amazing journey hitchhiking across the globe from Laguna Beach, CA to Cape Town, South Africa in search of new experiences and the perfect wave. It’s on his way back to Laguna Beach that he finds it in a little known spot called Cape St. Francis. This quest ultimately paved the way for Bruce Brown’s iconic film The Endless Summer and helped shape surfing as a mainstream sport.

The Coast Film Festival continues through the weekend with many film screenings including the US mainland debut of Waterman – the story of Duke Kahanamoku. There will also be an encore showing of Birth Of The Endless Summer: Discovery Of Cape St. Francis on Sunday November 14th.

Tickets are on sale now and range from $25 for daytime general admission, $35 for evening general admission, $55 for an all-day pass, $95 for an all-day VIP pass, and $375 for an all-festival VIP pass. CFF is also presenting a wide variety of films and panel discussions virtually with a Video-On-Demand format through Sunday, November 28th. The online programming will be accessed through an easy-to-use digital platform built into the CFF website.

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Birth Of Endless Summer Q&A
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About Coast Film Festival
Located in the iconic coastal art community of Laguna Beach, CA, Coast Film Festival is a multi-day film and art festival that showcases filmmakers, artists and social changemakers who focus their work on topics related to the land and sea. Founded in 2019, Coast Film Festival crisscrosses the globe in search of diverse and inspiring films about people and cultures from the worlds of action sports, outdoor adventure, and environmental conservation; those who approach life with an unyielding sense of curiosity about the world around them. CFF donates a portion of the event proceeds to support social causes that support a variety of environmental awareness and activism efforts.

About Ben Warner, Founder, Coast Film Festival
Ben Warner is an entrepreneur and advocate for outdoor recreation and conservation. Originally from the East Coast, Ben moved to Southern California driven by his passion for surfing, skiing big mountains, mountain biking, and the exploration of wide-open spaces. He has created a life around this ethos. He has founded multiple businesses centered on outdoor and action sports lifestyles through the lens of his personal mantra “protect to enjoy.” In 2019, Ben produced the first Coast Film Festival dedicated to sharing the abundant films and art that showcase the life and stories from this special community of athletes, filmmakers, artists and conservationists that dedicate their lives to the land and sea.

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