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Bet You Can't Do It Like Me (Vibe)
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Bet You Can't

Bet you can’t do it like me bet (echo)

Stacking bitcoin and fiat money like block money but this game a little different how I play it pimping used to dream about yacht money like jay z in big pimping now I’m in it for more I need more

Got the gas to the floor bumping still tipping

I might slide through Houston just been cruising like it’s me and the music damn

And we both too turnt up my ears still ringing

chain blinging gotta keep that on me so they know I got a little freedom

See it’s a different breed in him

Don’t matter if you believe in him

And that’s mood all season baby get ready for it I’m done Ignoring I’m coming for it I want it more moving like I ain’t never came up and you wouldn’t understand cause you niggas gave up

…tough luck

Bet you can’t do it like me bet (echo)

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