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Deep End Music Video Still - Bennett Coast
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Bennett Coast Shares New Single + Video “Deep End” Via Pizzaslime Records

19-year-old Los Angeles-based indie musician, filmmaker and photographer Bennett Coast has released his new single “Deep End.” Written and produced in his childhood bedroom in the small Northern California town of Danville, part of “Deep End” was first heard as the intro to Coast’s first music video “Moonboy” in early 2020. The self-directed “Deep End” video sees Coast revisit one of the same locations seen in “Moonboy” – the brown hilltops with windmills, but now with green grass, creating an additional throughline between the pair of introspective and infectious tracks on which he navigates the murky and nostalgic waters of identity and relationships, subtle optimism with an unrequited sense of longing.

Guided by his ever-enduring mission to capture moments and build worlds, Bennett Coast is a multi-hyphenate creative, self-described “child of the internet” and an enthusiastic magnet for ideas. As a recording artist, filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer and animator, Coast has been exploring his talents since a single-digit age, first becoming enamored by seeing the world from behind a video camera at the age of seven. Initially dipping his toes into making music as a way to soundtrack his own videos and short film projects, Coast became a quick study to songwriting, soon realizing his exploration of music was destined to grow into something much more substantial than a casual hobby. His hands-on approach to his artistry culminated in his debut 2019 Brookside EP – a three-track collection that doubled as an introduction to his intrinsic nature as a storyteller.

As his stint at film school in Los Angeles was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bennett Coast moved back home to Northern California where he wrote his 2020 breakthrough single “Moonboy” the night before he filmed the song’s equally captivating video, which he directed, shot and edited by himself during quarantine. Coast’s lyrical themes continue to resonate throughout his creative output, including his latest release, 2020’s “Sunsick,” an anthem for the bright-eyed day-dreamers and adventure-hungry night owls alike, which saw Coast named one of 2020s Best New Artists by Pigeons & Planes, who note “Bennett Coast makes music straight out of a coming-of-age movie,” and, most recently, was used as the soundtrack to GUESS Originals’ Spring ‘21 campaign.

Full of limitless potential, Bennett Coast is a visionary in the making, eager to see where his multifaceted creative endeavors will lead him next. As a fresh addition to the Pizzaslime Records roster, Bennett Coast can be found readying his next project and further perfecting the art of soundtracking moments brilliantly tailored for getting lost (and found) in.

Bennett Coast - Deep End
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