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Alfiya Glow New Earth X The Liber8Xperience
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Alfiya Glow And The Liber8Xperience Come Together To Celebrate The Release Of "New Earth" With A Deep House Yoga Dance Experience

The Liber8Xperience and Alfiya Glow will join together to host an immersive deep house dance experience, in celebration for the release of Alfiya Glow’s highly-anticipated melodic house single “New Earth” via Enormous Tune Records. The weekly, Thursday night event from Liber8Xperience has become a popular fixture in the community offering two hours of deep house, that starts off with a yoga session followed by a continuation of deep house in a more traditional social capacity.

This installment of the Thursday night Venice Beach, CA staple will be held at the Rafi Lounge in Malibu, CA.

Date: Thursday, May 6
Doors: 7:45pm – 10pm
Address: 22741 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

Tickets Available Here

Event Itinerary

  • 7:45pm – Doors open into a meet and greet with the event hosts; time to reserve your spot for , come reserve your spot
  • 8:00 – Yoga flow set to deep house music with Silent Disco headphones, taught by Mashi with tunes by Alfiya Glow
  • 8:50 – Sound bowl healing by La Kundalina @lakundalina to close off our yoga practice
  • 9:00 – Ecstatic dance with guided movement from mc Avi @soulwarrioravi
  • 9:50 – Cacao ceremony and closing gratitude circle (+snacks!)
  • 10:00pm – End of event.
Alfiya Glow New Earth Press Photo
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About Alfiya Glow
As we enter a new decade, music and technology have merged. However, the cry for raw, intricate, and powerful instrumentation is back and stronger than ever. Afliya Glow is the award-winning electric violinist, producer, and DJ, that is the hat trick music fans have been waiting for. Following her move across seas at 20, the Russian-born musician has spent years combining her tried-and-tested talents through releases and live performances. Alfiya has released a number of original house tracks, mashups and bootleg packs, as well as remixes.

Q: Can you describe the inspiration behind the track?

I remember having a strong impulse to create that day. For some reason the inspiration was overflowing from me. I didn’t have a clear idea or a melody in my head yet. But as I sat down to write, the music began to flow and a few hours later I had the track. Once I was done with the instrumental part of it, as I was listening back I heard the “New Earth” lyric in my head. And then the rest is history.

Q: Did Mashi influence the sound or tone of the project? 

Absolutely, Mashi and I were able to exchange amazing ideas with one another, as it allowed us to shape a certain vision and consequently the sound for this particular project.

Q: How did the idea for this type of yoga experience / music release come together?

After I took Mashi’s yoga class I was blown away. I never had so much fun at a yoga class before. With silent disco technology, house music and Mashi’s igniting approach to leading a yoga class felt like a party. It was a no brainer that we needed to join forces on this release!

About Mashi Cohen Founder Of The Liber8Xperience
More than ever, we are all being called on to rise above new challenges, to push past limitations, to heal old patterns, and to step into our power both as individuals and as a collective. Questions arise, like – “How can I feel more connected to myself? To others? How can I find my center in a chaotic world? How can I release what is holding me back and fulfill my highest potential? How can I just feel good?!”

Mashi Cohen founded The Liber8Xperience to answer these questions. After she left her ultra-orthdox religious community at the age of 19, Mashi came face-to-face with loneliness and disconnection. On her journey to find liberation in body, mind, and spirit, Mashi is now a yoga teacher and holistic health and nutrition coach who uses yoga, music, and dance to create immersive experiences that leave you feeling truly free and remembering your power.

Q: What parts of this Thursday’s experience will be unique to the release?

Planning this Thursday experience was a joyful collaboration! Alfiyas unique flow and expertise as a DJ will definitely enhance the program, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the experience. For the release, Alfiya will perform live in the audience, giving participants a real treat and making this experience one they will never forget.

 Q: How did the music inspire the event’s schedule and lineup?

Alfiya is a soulful and intuitive DJ, and fits right into the event schedule where we move, dance, and do yoga to EDM and house tracks. She has a special ability to tune into the crowd and allow participants to emotionally connect to the music. In the second part of the event, participants are guided to move and weave together, creating positive uplifting vibes and releasing and transmuting energy. What better way to conclude the evening than with Alfiyas live performance of “New Earth”! It’s an honor and a treat to have her here performing live, and will certainly make this evening at TheLiber8Xperience one for the books!

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“New Earth”
Out May 7th Via Enormous Tunes Records
Pre-Save Here

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