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Abandoned And Historic Los Angeles
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Abandoned and Historic Los Angeles – New Book From Jason Horton

Abandoned and Historic Los Angeles is a new book from writer LA based writer Jason Horton. In the piece, he provides a brief history or observation of architectural themes like neon, abandoned, and historic alongside a related collection of photos that span the city. Mixed into these collages are short essays, anecdotes, and tales from Horton as well as other Los Angeles creators.

Jason Horton is a New York native who has lived in Los Angeles for almost fifteen years. He is a writer/comedian seen on Comedy Central, TruTV, the film The Thinning: New World Order, and
NatGeo’s Brain Games. Jason also hosts the podcasts Ghost Town and Strange Year. He is obsessed with
filming locations, historical landmarks, abandoned places, and of course, Los Angeles.

When asked about the inspiration for the book he said:

I was always impressed with people that had the follow through to write a book. This includes self published, digital only, however, having a physical book goes through so much as far as process, I always wanted to make that happen. I just didn’t want it to be about me. Because the podcast I co-host Ghost Town, the publisher reached out and it just made sense to take what I love and what I’m enthusiastic about, and in the city that I live in and always try to celebrate, and essentially make the book “happen”.

Of the featured images which is your favorite?

I really love the storefronts in the Valley. The architecture of the mint green JcPenny’s is really stark and really stands out. The Wonder Bread store in Glendale/Burbank is another favorite. House of Spirits in Echo Park that just recent got a make over, was luckily to have a photo before that happened. Getting the opportunity to be inside the Tower Records on Sunset may not be much to look at, but just being inside a vacant space that has so much music and Los Angeles history gave me that feeling that I hope comes across in the book. Also, anything involving a mall, I will I had more, maybe for the next book!

How did you collect and narrow down the featured stories?

It was difficult to get stories actually. Mostly because I had no real framework of what it should be. So understandably, it wasn’t clear to people what I wanted. Also people are busy, or just not interested. I just reached out and hoped for the best. I had a lot of interest, and technical “yeses”, but I used every contribution that I got and super thankful for everyones time. With that said, I think having this book as an example, it would be easier to illustrate what I might be looking for next time around.

Use the link above to pre-order a copy now!

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