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5 High Tech Pet Gadgets To Pass Time During The Pandemic
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5 High Tech Pet Gadgets to Pass Time During the Pandemic

While many of us are subject to the severe effects that have resulted from the coronavirus lockdown, including economic concerns and access to resources, there is another aspect that we can all relate to: widespread boredom. For those of us in LA who are used to hitting the town, socializing in clubs, visiting LA’s famous eateries, and chatting at the weekly Saturday morning farmer’s markets, the sudden isolation can lead to some serious cabin fever. 

So it’s a good thing that many of us also have pets to keep us company in these strange days. In fact, Los Angeles was recently ranked among the Top 50 Dog-Friendly Cities in the US!

In this article, we will take a look at our five favorite high tech pet gadgets to help you pass time during the pandemic. 

1. GoBone Interactive Dog Toy
Go Bone - 5 High Tech Pet Gadgets
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It would be all too easy to simply spend all your time drifting away in the endless void of internet entertainment. Youtube alone offers 57,000 years worth of content, enough footage to keep you mindlessly entertained for thousands of lifetimes. While it may be tempting to simply laze around watching vids online, your pet will not be pleased at the neglect. But for those indulgent afternoons, or while you are busy working from home, the GoBone provides automatic stimulation and endless entertainment for your pet, keeping them active and engaged. 

The GoBone Interactive Dog Toy is chewable, slobber-resistant, and provides personalized playtime for your hyper pup. The toy uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone, so you can customize the play and rest times to suit your dog’s age, size, and energy level. 

2. Petnet Smart Feeder and SmartBowl

Pet Net Smart Feeder
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While some Los Angelenos have continued rigorous workout regimens, many have snuck in an extra snack or two. Has your pet been emulating the same behavior? 

Based in Los Angeles, a new company, Petnet, is working to develop sophisticated new innovations in self-dispensing pet food devices. The Petnet SmartBowl takes your pet’s biometrics and automatically calculates the optimal amount of food based on caloric intake, energy expenditure, activity level, age, size, and breed. It’s no longer a guessing game as to whether you are overfeeding, or which puppy diet is right for your beloved pooch. And, with the automatic dispenser function, you can continue going about your day while also resting assured that your puppy will be fed on time. 

The Petnet SmartFeeder and SmartBowl are now available at Petco, our favorite local pet supply chain (it was founded just down the coast in San Diego).

3. CleverPet Hub

Clever Pet - Smart Feeder
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Another local SoCal innovation, the CleverPet Hub, developed by researchers and neurological specialists in San Diego, is the world’s first pet-friendly interactive gaming console, to keep you and your pup engaged and learning. 

This clever gadget allows your pet to learn new skills based on pattern recognition games and pup-friendly brain teasers. As your dog plays, its mind develops. Drawing on classic conditioning techniques, your pooch will engage with challenging puzzles and earn treats as a reward. Enticed by doggy biscuits, your canine companion will return to the special Cleverpet Hub touchpad console again and again for endless hours of challenge and entertainment.   

4. iCalmDog 3.0

iCalmDog5.0 Pet Speaker
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With Fourth of July just round the corner, LA pet owners are already starting to dread the annual fireworks display, if they aren’t canceled en masse. While it may be spectacular for your eyes, dogs typically are less enthused. For pups already afflicted with mild to severe anxiety, fireworks prevent a situation of utter panic. And that means a night of fruitless attempts at soothing your barking dog’s woes. 

Studies have shown that classical music provides relief for dogs who suffer from anxiety. So for Fourth of July you can turn on the iCalmDog, and enjoy the bang and flash of the fireworks in peace. The bluetooth speaker presents a pre-selected playlist of calming piano melodies designed with your pet’s anxiety in mind. The high quality speakers provide a natural, noninvasive, holistic solution to your doggie dilemma. 

5. Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Tosser

Furbo Dog Camera - 5 High Tech Pet Gadgets
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As restrictions start to ease up around the coronavirus lockdown, some of us will be able to return to work. But that also means missing those precious moments of puppy love throughout the day. 

Now, with the  Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Tosser, you can ensure your puppy is not going wild with boredom at home without you. This device features an interactive video camera that allows you to speak and appear to your pup, and even reward them remotely, with an automated treat dispenser system. The gadget’s elegant, contemporary design means it won’t look out of place on your shelf. Plus, this high-tech video cam includes premium features, so you can snap puppy selfies and monitor your dog’s barking levels. 

Pet Tech

With new high tech pet gadgets to increase the health, entertainment, safety, and accessibility of your pet, you can now feel free to hang out with your canine companion all the time. 

And with remote video cameras making interaction possible, even from outside the home, it’s possible to capture those precious moments and save the video footage. It’s never been easier to indulge in your obsession for uploading cute animal videos.

This post is a guest piece written by Brian Skewes for more information via his website

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