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3ritain Endlessly -
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3ritain's New Track Endlessly Elevates And Transcends

3ritain, a cosmic, unearthly singer and gifted songwriter, released his latest single titled “Endlessly” on October 23rd, 2020. His latest single delivers an original sound essential for anyone looking for cathartic music that reflects on overcoming anguish, the predicaments of modern love, and ultimately delivers a single that tells a story of prevailing against all odds. “Endlessly” is a auditory meditation on the intricacies of love, romance, heartbreak, with deeper reflections on the state of the human condition. “Endlessly” addresses the range of emotions and experiences we feel as human beings. This track surges with extraordinary vocals, unbelievable chord progressions, drumbeats and synths that allow you to slide back into sounds, scales and harmonies that are simply transcendent. His writing demonstrates that he is a master wordsmith. The emotions and soul pouring out of each line reveals a powerful and poignant sound that carries an energy of healing. “Endlessly” is a tonic of ecstasy that pours out like waves audio bliss out into the universe. The song captures a movielike sound that helps you dive deeper into the inner workings of 3ritain and his soul as an artist.

On “Endlessly”, 3ritain wonderfully shares “If I can make it through the red blue lights, still have time to find love tonight…”. He speaks to the ever-present of confronting life’s harsh realities and living in a world that can simply misunderstand one’s search for meaning and acceptance in today’s unpredictable world. He continues echoing the line “All of the feels I can’t control” with angular sound and expansive guitars that spiral down into this funnel of brilliance captured by these digital feels. His sound is mesmerizing, raw and honest. There’s a truthful vulnerability permeating throughout the sound of this single. This song echoes with an emotion we can’t help but be enchanted by as a listener. The resonances of this sonic odyssey, which later slides down into a downtempo feel, helps you fall into a brilliant world of sound all of its own. “Endlessly” helps you discover an entirely new dimension uniquely built by the one and only 3ritain.

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