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Marq Robinson Q1 Cover Art - 28th Teaser Press
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LA-Based Rapper Marq Robinson Releases His Debut Album 27 On All Streaming Platforms

If you’ve been paying attention to the yoof show you’d know that LA based rapper Marq Robinson has been having a great year on a couple fronts. Growing from his roots as an “internet rapper” the artist popped out on several occasions earlier this year debuting tracks from the forthcoming album. In that same time, he has also become the creative director and face of the Department Of Chillers streetwear brand. Up to now, the slightly elusive rapper hasn’t offered any indication of an official release date or title for the album, but it seems he’s solved both of those issues after leaking the files today.

The folder link originally surfaced in an old video description on the artist’s official Youtube account several hours ago. If you click the link, it should open a google drive folder labeled 28th Hour. The folder features 10 demos as of this posting. Most of the names and songs are consistent with what we’ve seen on Marq’s Instagram releases already but you can tell the mixes have been polished over a few more times.

28th Hour Leak Screenshot
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Track 10, 28th Hour, the obvious title track of the album is the latest rollout from the artist and the only unfinished listing in the drive. It was teased earlier this week, but the leaked version currently falls flat in the full context of the piece. Viewers will have to tune in via Instagram and the cloud folder for now the next iteration.

Stream the tracks now and tap in to tell us your favorite!

28th Hour – GDrive Link

Marq Robinson - Q2 Cover Art
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