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27 (so far) Album Cover
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27 (so far) New Semi-Final Release From Marq Robinson

Earlier this year LA based rapper Marq Robinson teased a new music project in a series of Instagram posts and tweets. The project currently listed as 27 (so far) was originally described as a two part album with the first collection of songs being self produced and released in real time like his prior release, 26 (in real time). The second collection would feature the same songs fully produced and reimagined with the help of friends and collaborators. The idea builds on the release technique he used last year by allowing the fans to hear the raw and unmixed elements of his production while also creating space to fully realize the tracks when it’s all said and done.

“I’m really trying to hone in on the art of producing good music this year,” said Marq about the current project. “I feel like lyrics and hooks always came naturally for me, but the production side just wasn’t there. I’m tryna change and I hope it shows through this latest release.”

As of now Marq has released 7 “semi-final” demos via IG and other social platforms with plans to release the final version on Apple Music and Spotify later this year.

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