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LA-Based Rapper Marq Robinson Releases His Debut Album 27 On All Streaming Platforms

Los Angeles rapper Marq Robinson has finally released his album, 27, after much hype and online memeing. The project came to life earlier this year as the artist began rolling out semi-final track leaks starting with “Toxic Somethings.” This album follows up on the 26 (in real time) EP released last year. Although it has a similar creative rollout as its predecessor with each song being produced, written, and released sequentially, 27 sounds and feels far more cohesive and mature.


Coming in at just eight tracks including the two monologues capping both ends of the project, Marq tells the story of his dreams, insecurities, and struggles with addiction. While the final release does feature cleaned up production and a couple new verses, the biggest difference between this and the leaks is the missing “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” which some might argue is one of the more cathartic moments of the project that brought it all together. When asked about the missing track Marq said “It didn’t make it through the distributor platform because it’s Drake’s beat. I knew it wasn’t going to make it in, but I just had to go over it anyway because of the name of the song and what that inspired in me. I was really down bad in the Wingstop parking lot not too long ago; that’s why that line is in there. It motivated the whole song. Sucks that it couldn’t make it in the final project but that’s just how it goes sometimes.”

Stream 27 on all platforms now!

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