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26 (in real time)
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26 (in real time) – An Experimental Rap EP From Artist And Producer Marq Robinson

LA based rapper, Marq Robinson, caps his year long run of singles with a look back at them as pieces of a whole project now titled 26 (in real time). The output began late last year with the release of YELLOWGELATO, a unique 13-minute track that blends several styles of music into a disjointed single track playlist. Following that released the artist began pumping out music on a semi-weekly basis and the growth as a producer and artist can be heard as each song progresses.

Listen to the full EP and see Marq’s take on the project below.

” This year I let myself make music openly without any filters or expectations

all together it was 26 tracks & snippets

that matches my age so I feel this is a good place to cap things off


These songs are bad cringeworthy and vulnerable at times and also catchy fun and inspiring at other times

*Insert meta-metaphor about 2020 here*

If you play the project from start to finish you’ll experience the full progression of my year as a producer an artist and a person

Real – unpolished

Arrogant – Insecure

Better – unfinished

Good + Bad + Ugly

I’ve grown in a lot of ways and that evolution can be heard in the music.

Despite the raw output I think a lot of the lyrics in here will ring true to those that really give it a shot

Maybe a few more of us can evolve

This “ep” is just a playlist of these 26 songs and will be called – 26 (in real time)

If you tuned in at all over the past year big Big BIG shoutout to you THANKS!

Got a few ideas to market the piece but I’ll just link to the playlist for now


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