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15 Second Foodie - Tacos Arizas - Echo Park

Food Truck: Tacos Arizas
Address: Corner of Sunset Blvd and, Logan St, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Taco Truck In LA - Tacos Arizas
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Overall Score: Mhmm!

Two Asada Tacos -onions, cilantro, red salsa

$1.75 per taco (protip: If the tacos cost more than $2 and isn’t gourmet, abort mission!)

Mhmm.. kinda sums it up for me. It was good, not great, but certainly not bad; a pretty average taco overall. If you’re in the area with a couple bucks and want a quick filling bite try it out! If you’re looking a wow factor, I would go a few blocks down for Guisados.


Outdoor standing room on a medium-traffic sidewalk in Echo Park.

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