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15 Second Foodie - Shake Shack - DTLA

Restaurant: Shake Shack
Website: Phone: 213-213-5307
Address: 400 West 8th Street Los Angeles, CA 90014

15 Second Foodie - Shake Shack
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Overall Score: Pretty Good!

Shack Burger Single – Cheeseburger topped with lettuce and Shack Sauce

Be prepared to drop at least $10 if you’re looking a standard burger fry set up. Their a la carte menu puts it at a slightly higher price point than your ordinary burger stand. That said, if you have the extra dough, this one is a good splurge.

For the price you may expect some over the top gourmet burger with artisan cheese and hand cut pickles. This isn’t that. The burger is clean and simple in the best possible way. Tasty and balanced enough to excite the tastebuds without overdoing it. My favorite part: the bun!


Can’t say there is anything unique about the decor or environment overall. The pseudo-industrial chic look featuring reclaimed wood and steel/iron contrast has become a pretty common motif and Shake Shack seems to just be going with that trend.

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