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15 Second Foodie FAIL - Donut Man - DTLA - Glazed Donut

Restaurant: The Donut Man
Address: Grand Central Market – 317 S. Broadway A-1, Los Angeles, CA 90013

15 Second Foodie Donut Man Grand Central Market
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First Bite: That's It! That's It!
Overall: 9/10

Standard cake donut with a light layer of glaze around it.

$6 – roughly for two glazed donuts.

The taste was spot on in terms of texture, amount of glaze, chewyness, and fill. Everything came together great. No dry mouth or wanting more afterwards. Note: I did not try the signature Tiger Claw or Strawberry Stuffed this time, but those are the donuts this place is known for. Check them out on your visit!

The atmosphere is as good as you can get for the Grand Central Market. They are located near the front on Broadway so not to many issues finding the location. Seating is available inside and outside but, the open arrangement may make it difficult to enjoy the donuts on the spot.

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