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15 Second Foodie - Carving Board - Koreatown

Restaurant: The Carving Board
Address: 687 S Hobart Blvd Suite D, Los Angeles, CA 90005

#15SecondFoodie - The Carving Board - Koreatown
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First Bite: Pretty good!
Overall: 8/10

Thin slices of seasoned roast beef, grilled onions, and swiss cheese served on a soft ciabatta roll with a side of au jus

$12 for just the sandwich, when you factor in fries and drink you’re at about $20.

Pretty good… It’s all there from the first bite to the last. Great balance of the melted swiss cheese and rich and savory beef cuts. Each individual piece of the sandwich compliments the next for a combined flavor that is hearty but not overpowering.

Despite being in the heart of Koreatown there is a chill modern fast casual appeal inside this location. The large window front provides good lighting with views of  Wilshire Blvd without letting in the noises of the city streets.

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